The 10 Largest Advertisers in the United States

According to the latest study from Ad Age, P&G spent the largest amount of money in Advertising in 2015. The total amount Proctor and Gamble spent is ($4.3 billion)

This research report was published by Ad Age Datacenter. They have evaluated entire United States advertising expense by enterprises, as well as both traditional in addition to digital channels.

AT&T was the next largest advertiser ($3.9 billion) in the United States in 2015, subsequently General Motors ($3.5 billion), Comcast ($3.4 billion), Verizon ($2.7 billion), Ford ($2.7 billion), American Express ($2.3 billion), Fiat Chrysler ($2.2 billion), Amazon ($2.2 billion), and Samsung ($2.1 billion).

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