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16 Must Know Facts For Speed Optimization


Do you think your Business website is running on proper speed? More than 67% websites worldwide are running in a low speed. Main reasons behind this poor performance are cheap or low grade web hosting, heavy script and not using a CDN. But still you can boost your website speed by few basic steps of speed optimization.

16 Must Know Facts For Speed Optimization

  • Use a good quality web hosting like Blue Host.
  • Add an Expires header
  • Always define image height/width
  • Try to reduce HTTP Requests
  • Try to combine Javascript files in to one file
  • Always reduce color depth of all images
  • Avoid CSS expressions
  • Put CSS at the top
  • Make AJAX cacheable
  • Reduce DNS lookups
  • Avoid 404s and put proper redirection or canonical them properly.
  • Remove duplicate scripts
  • Use CSS sprites for combining UI images
  • Gzip components
  • Put script at the footer except Google analytics and other must needed scripts in the header.
  • Use a Content Delivery network(CDN).

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