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20 Essential Free SEO Tools, Every Marketer Must Use

Today I want to share some essential free SEO Tools which is must needed for Entrepreneurs and marketers. If you run a online business or plan to start an ebusiness, all these tools are really essential for you. So lets have a quick look at these 21 Essential Free Tools

20 Essential Free SEO Tools, Entrepreneurs Must Use:

1. Bing Webmaster Tool:

Essential Free Tools for managing your sites in Bing. Gives you a detailed insight of Bing search. One of the best Essential Free Tools for entrepreneurs.

Bing Webmaster Tool, 20 Essential Free Tools, Entrepreneurs Must Use in 2014

2. Built With:

Built With gives you detailed report of any website including which CMS used, server information, technology used and advertising networks. You’ll get a quick report of your competitors site.

Essential Free SEO Tools


3. Copyscape:

Essential Free Tool for checking duplicate content of any website. Both free and premium versions available.

Copy scape


4. Google Analytics:

Best Essential Free SEO Tools to measure your website analytics. Get detailed report of traffic, demography, age country, bounce rate etc. including eCommerce funnel tracking  for free.

Google Analytics


5. Google Trends:

Gives you a quicker insight of search trends for Google. Best used for niche research, determining target demography.

Google Trends


6. Google Keyword Planner:

Best Essential Free SEO Tool for finding potential keywords in Google. All niche/target market/demography research starts here.

Google Keyword planner

7. Google Webmasters:

Gives you the insight of Google search. Find, how your website is performing in Google, which keywords of your site has been ranked and regular update and notification to make your website better.

Google Web masters


8. Instant Domain Search:

After you have selected your niche and want to start a website, the main challenge you face is finding the right domain name. Instant Domain Search gives you instant result of domain availability and suggest you relevant domains, so your buying decission will be easier.

Instant Domain Search


9. Open site explorer:

Essential Free Tool By Moz (Former SEO Moz), gives you the info about citation flow, backlink status, Domain and age authority etc. You can easily compare your competitors with your site.

opensite explorer


10. Pingdom:

Pingdom is a  very free tool for optimizing website speed, which is really essential for SEO. If you register with this service, pingdom will give you realtime notification for each downtime of your server.



11. Piwik:

Essential Free Tools for webmasters for web analytics. A great open source alternative to Google analytics.



12. Privacy Policy Generator:

Creating a Privacy policy page for each of your website is always very tough. Privacy policy generator makes your life much more easier. It automatically generates privacy policy pages for adsense, amazon and other ad and affiliate supported site. Essential Free Tool for web business owners.



13. Semrush:

Professional software for search and marketing professionals. Gives your permanent Search rank for all versions of Google, bing and Yahoo. You can compare your position with your competitors very easily. 5 Search result is free for all.



14. SEO Quake:

Essential Free Tools for search marketers, webmasters and entrepreneurs. Gives you quick SEO insight of any website, including Google pagerank, index status, bing index etc. You’ll get all this info from your search page very easily a a glance. Both Chrome and Firefox version available.

 SEO Quake

15. XML-Sitemap:

Amazing tool for creating Google friendly XML site maps for any website. Mainly used by developers and Search Engine Specialists.



16. Studiopress responsive Checker:

Check your website or bog condition on any device like PC, Tab, Ipad, and different smartphone. Best friend for developers and designers.

studiopress responsive Checker


17. Ubersuggest:

Essential Free Tools for finding related and LSI keywords. Highly recommended for niche research.



18. Wayback Machine:

Takes you to the past. This web time machine is an Essential Free Tool for finding previous look of any website. Best used before buying an expired domain.



19. Wordstream:

Essential Free Tools for finding related keywords. Best used for finding Golden Nuggets (Long tail Keywords)


20. WordPress SEO by Yoast:

If you are using wordpress, you must need a SEO plugin for optimizing your site properly. WordPress SEO by yoast is the most popular Essential Free Tools for optimizing wordpress site/blog.



I hope you’ll be helped with this post and start using these free seo tools for making your ebusiness flourish. For more free resources don’t forget to subscribe my blog. Please share it with your friends, and other entrepreneurs.


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