7 Ways to Take Stale Web Content to the Top of the SEO

It’s been high time, say for the last 2 years, you’ve been working hard on your Web Content, but failed to draw the attention of traffic as you expected. You tried so hard and bet on the race, but haven’t got the response. Despite the fact that your web contents are firmly written, maintained all the standards and relevant to the subject too, but it’s simply not assembling the desired outcome.

In that situation, you became frustrated and search desperately for the solution. What can you do now? What’s your role to fix such problem?

Well, possibly it’s the time to make your old web content SEO friendly. By making those previous highly qualified web contents SEO helpful, you can get the expected result. Your old contents will gain the desired response from your most expected visitors only by promoting the SEO.

Improve SEO on previously posted Web Contents

Apparently, I am here about to present the 7 formidable ways, which will take the stalled Web Contents to the top of the SEO charts. No need to mention, we’re going to have brief discussion about the critical performance of those previous posts and their importance as well. Now, let’s check out these 7 greatest way for the sake of your Web Content.

Use relevant keywords

Web Contents remain underperforming most of the time because of using irrelevant keywords or keyword phrases. Point to be noted, you have to start blogging or posting Web Content in your site by utilizing the best keywords, obviously if you are thinking about doing business here. Potential keywords are the very best choice for expecting your Web Content on the top of the search engine. Such a move will make a change and day by day, you will know more about relevant keywords.

If you keep working on same keywords for a specific period of time, you will get result for sure. May be the keywords, you are using today, are different from those you start with. That’s why check the previous keywords based contents and change the keywords. Do not forget to keep the particular keywords in readable position and don’t be egoistic of doing that. Most of the time, we make mistakes which choosing keywords. Don’t be stubborn and be realistic for making the best choice in order to improve the performance of your Web Contents.

Place keywords in perfect positions

To get the utmost benefit from a Web Content through SEO, you must put your keywords in the top, middle and at the end of your text. You have to use the specific keywords within the initial 100 words of your content. It’ll be better, if you place the keywords in the very first line. For maintaining the continuity, include the keywords in the middle of your post. This tactic will assist search engine to induce your scattered keywords. If you don’t use keywords in the regular interval, the search engine will consider the keywords as irrelevant to the subject and your total work will get wasted. As you are depending on SEO, the search engine may penalize you for using misguided methods, which will make the situation worst.

Place keywords in the title and permalink

If you haven’t done such before when you posted your Web Contents, go back immediately and confirm that the keywords are used in the title of your post. As I’ve mentioned earlier, you should put the keywords in the very first line of your content for the betterment of your post. And putting keywords in the title line will associate to motivate the search engine in your posted Web Content. No doubt, this approach will catch the attention of potential traffics.

On the contrary, if you find it underperforming or can’t place the keywords in the title line, you can still use the keywords by including it in the permalink. You just have to click the edit button and put your keywords.

7 Ways to Take Stale Web Content to the Top of the SEOUse keywords in all headings

If you work regularly in your site, you must be equipped with the headings like H1, H2, and H3. Search engine will admire your Web Content and value it even better, if the headings of your posts carry your selected keywords.

It helps the search engine to make sure that the keywords are relevant and your content is useful for the prospective visitors. By inserting keywords within the headers of your posted contends, you’ll be able to draw attention of the search engines to you a lot more efficiently, which will move you up to the top position of search engine result.

If doable, it’s additionally useful to put your keyword at the start of H1, to focus the search a lot more narrowly on your online page. Then, place the keyword in every consecutive heading also, because it doesn’t conflict with the text.

Highlight the keywords

Here highlighting means you should emphasize the keywords with underline, bold and italics as least for once. Such approach will focus the search engines more deficiently to your Web Content. Highlighted keywords in your Web Content will attract the visitors for sure and consider the post as relevant. And above all the matters search engines just love relevant Web Contents.

Use internal or external link with the keywords

Linking to Web Content that has relevancy to your keywords is different method to gain the focus of the search engines on your posts. Inserting links to relevant content on your own website is so far the simplest thing to do. If it is smart among the context of your post to do, thus, you need to link additionally to external online page’s contents. This can facilitate the search engines notice, index, and place a price on your online page and the Web Content.

Reanimate the old Web Contents

When your Web Contents become outdated or stale for whatever intention, you just don’t have to dump these for some simple cause. Probably it was worthy when you posted it and may be it has yet some value. If it had never been responded greatly as you thought, despite as a good Web Content, it still has some work to do. Just make those old Web Contents SEO friendly as we’ve discussed at the top of the text and let search engines do the rest for you.

All these approach and tactics will bring some effective outcome, only if you can make you Web Content SEO friendly. And by following the steps you can do so, no matter if your Web Content is new or stale.

Thank you.

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