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3 WordPress SEO Plugins That will give you Ranking Boost

Hello my friends. I wish you have already started blogging professionally or planning to start money blogging in this year. I wish you will be successful in your online money making journey.

As you are blogging, I am pretty sure that you have already known about WordPress. WordPress is the most popular blogging platform in the world.

Most of the bloggers are using it because of its simplicity, regular update and lots of available resources online. I am also using wordpress for my blog and most of my money sites.

You can also create your money site with WordPress. Make a professional looking and responsive website with very light graphics to make sure the site loads faster in all devices like laptops and smartphones.

After you have created your money site and successfully written some awesome contents, as an entrepreneur, you must focus on marketing. If you have chosen your basic marketing method as SEO, WordPress will be the best fit for you.

I know, you are interested in ranking more keywords in Google this year. So, today, I am going to share some amazing WordPress plugins that will actually boost your Search Engine Optimization process. If you think on-page SEO as a rocket science, these plugins will make your life much easier.

To take our websites or blogs to the next level in 2015, let’s learn about 3 best SEO plugins for wordpress.

3 Best WordPress Plugins for Ranking Boost:

1. WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast

WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast was previously known as Yoast WordPress SEO. This plugin is created by Joost de Valk. This plugin is so popular that, it has already been downloaded around 15 million times from wordpress directory.

WordPress SEO by Yoast is an absolutely free plugin and it is considered as the best wordpress SEO plugin so far. It will definitely help you out to make your content much more seo friendly with its proper page analysis tool.

The plugin will help you to improve your content quality. If you set your focus keywords in its on page seo field it will automatically suggest you about, how can you improve your SEO ranks.

Wordpress SEO By Yaost

I think this plugin is so popular because of its simplicity. You can easily create your sitemap by just few clicks. I really love its Meta data insertion, snippet preview, and social media optimization feature.

It can also help you your blog to optimize properly for social media. You will be able to setup different titles, descriptions and images for different social Medias like Facebook and Google+.

All these features I was talking about is absolutely free and you can get it from wordpress repository. Its premium version is also available, which comes with 35 different language support.

2. All-in-One SEO Pack By Michael Torbert

All-in-One SEO Pack can be ranked as the second best wordpress SEO plugin available. It will also give you all the features as described as the Yoast SEO plugin. This search engine optimization plugin has been developed by Michael Torbert.

All in one SEO will also give you much more flexibility of adding Google Analytics into your blog very easily. It also provides E-commerce SEO support for woocommerce and many other advanced features.

All in one SEO Pack

In my opinion another cool feature of this plugin is, it can detect duplicate contents. This is an amazing plugin for beginner SEO guys as well as professional players.

The built-in API of this plugin will give you much comfort during optimizing your website. You can get this plugins free edition from wordpress plugin directory by clicking here.

3. SEO Ultimate

SEO Ultimate is my third best wordpress seo plugin which will rock your blog. This plugin will help you to optimize your website for search engine as well as social media.

It has some attractive feature like title tag rewriter, meta description editor, deeplink juggernaut, open graph integrator, rich snippet creator, author highlighter, link mask generator, canonicalizer, 404 monitor, permalink tweaker, meta robot tags editor and many other cool feature for seo optimization.

SEO Ultimate

And the most attractive offer of this plugin is, it’s absolutely free. You can download it from here.

I hope you have already got the idea why I am telling these wordpress SEO plugins will give your blog ranking boost. Just choose any of these plugin and optimize your blog accordingly.

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