Free Hosting Or Paid Hosting – Which Should I Include in My Business Plan & Why

Planning for a new blog or business website? It is important for you to use the best web hosting. Most of the time when you have the small budget, then you will think and try to reduce resource and go for cheaper plan available.

This seems right on the date of start, but later on, you will find that it was not a good decision for running a long time business.

A crucial decision you require to take is that you should go for free hosting or go for a paid hosting? Most of the people go for free hosting because they will get free domain along with free hosting but they are hurting themselves.

Because they might not aware of this fact that they are getting domain is a sub-domain and hosting is shared hosting. So they do not have anything personal with that.

A person planning for long term business will never run such thing which depends on other and has no control completely.

Why should you go for Paid Hosting?



There are lots of free hosting offering, but when using the facility from any of them then it does not allow you to install any third party monitoring system. Like if you go with WordPress then it does not enable you to install an external plug-in.

You have to wait for any update arrive or might be a similar one plug-in available for WordPress but not exactly same which match to your requirement.

Adult content:

When you have some adult content to publish over such free hosting offering platforms then it does not allow you to create one. Example Blogger does not ever help you to create a blog/sub-domain over Blogspot.

Paid Ads as Advertisers:

Your free hosting domain is a sub-domain of another website, So ever you are planning to run Google Ads or other advertising over various Search Engine then competitions occur which costs you than regular charges.

Paid Ads as Publisher:

Nowadays Webmasters are getting huge traffic on their websites, most probably go for Publisher account (Google Adsense or other 3rd party Affiliate Marketing accounts) to earn money. If you are using a free hosting account on any platform, then it never allows you to implement your publisher account.

Bandwidth Capping:

Due to the same server using for free hosting there is massive traffic and which reduce bandwidth individually for all on which you never have control.

You will not get the option to reduce the size of pages to increase bandwidth even never receive notice regarding bandwidth. But this is a big issue which might be your customers will be facing.

So setting up a business is not an easy task but arranging best resource like right web hosting to grow your business is an important task for long lasting.

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