Hot trends of Social Media Marketing 2015 – #infographic

Social media marketing is becoming the most popular wing of internet marketing. Many big brands are investing a major portion of their marketing budget in social media.


Because social media is ensuring high return on investment (ROI) for most of the niches. You can very easily reach your target audience and build some good amount of  potential sales leads.

As the search engines are growing smarter for the last few years, achieving a secured position in search engine ranking page has become really hard. That’s why social media marketing is trending in the market in 2015.

So, you can invest more on social media marketing. But which social channel to choose? How you can use social media for generating sales lead? What about the passing trends of social media?

Following infographic from the courtesy of JBH Marketing shows the hot trends of social media marketing in 2015.

Hot trends of Social Media Marketing 2015 - #infographic

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