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You want to implement new marketing, but with the changing technology, you get stuck and confused. The work is overwhelming. You are not sure of the right way to create attention-grabbing contents for the consumer’s reach. Rather, managing your content is tricky hence measuring the marketing result becomes a complex task. Before cursing this remarkable form of marketing, you need tools to make your life easy.

I am going to make your life easier by analyzing some of the best and highly recommended inbound tools that will make your business thrive. The tools will provide you with basic principles of what you ought to do right. I will also review the benefits of these inbound marketing tools for you. If you use them well, you might just get more than you bargained for in the end.

Why You Need the Best Inbound Marketing Tools

  • Efficiency in Managing Content

In every job, tools are used to make work easier. Inbound marketing could be done without these tools but imagine the decades you will take to make it a success. Thus, these inbound marketing software will manage your content perfectly and easily to come out with the desired result, success in making sales.

  • Competence

If you are not using these tools, probably your competitors are using it, and you will be way more out of their league. To keep up with the swiftness and provide efficiency at work, you ought to employ these tools.

  • Growth of the Website

You need these tools to enable you to enhance your website. This is depicted by the functions such as call to action, lead nurturing, providing new quality content to the site regularly and enhancing the design of the website from the plugins provided by the tools. With this and other much functionality benefits gained from these tools, your website will stand out from the rest of your competitors.

  • Creation of Authority

Inbound marketing tools will help you create a site that can be trusted. Such authority will make the target audience to always come to you when they need anything. Customers will look up to you if they get convenient and quality information from you. This trust is enhanced by the way you are sharing customer driven and quality content, creating leads and engaging with the customers.

  • Creation of Trust and Loyalty from Customers

Your visitors and the possible prospects need something to keep them glued to your content. You would not want to miss this chance. What you may simply require is a tool that will give an instant update of information, nurture leads and optimize your keywords for easy search among other functions. If the users find what they want on your site, they will trust you with anything they desire hence creating loyalty.


The Recommended Best Tools for Inbound Marketing

Here are some of the top inbound marketing tools that I would highly recommend for their astounding work in making inbound marketing easier.


Do you know the founder of inbound marketing? Well, HubSpot is an incredible tool from the founder of inbound marketing. You can imagine its effectiveness. All the information needed is provided by this tool. Apparently, you do not have to be a tech savvy to use this software. I know how most people may fear to use some given software for reasons of technical issues. You are safe with HubSpot.

The software has various functions that bring out your key aim; marketing online. These functions include: blogging, managing social media platforms, creating landing pages and most significantly, monitoring the effectiveness of marketing. As complex as it may seem, the good news comes in when you can manage all the above functions under a single interface.

The tool is so effective and convenient since the services that you could have otherwise acquired separately and could drain your resources are managed under one interface.


  • Affordable
  • Convenient
  • Resourceful
  • All in one tool


  • Costly to maintain


WordPress is one of the most effective ways to successfully and easily market your content. From its humble beginning as a blogging system to a full-time content management system, this software has a wider variety of plugins, themes, and widgets it needs to present your content to the target audience effectively.

You can create, edit, organize and publish content on the web. You can also manage content on an intranet or a computer.

What fascinates about WordPress is the full control that gives you to manage your files, documents, designs, and display of the content. Also, the software is so flexible to use, so you can use it to manage contents on blogs, web directories, and portfolios among other platforms. You don’t need the technical know-how to operate the software. All you need is the creativity and strategy to display your content effectively.

On a lighter note, WordPress is convenient for use as you can download one for your mobile device. Its flexibility has led it more fame among its users for the good service it delivers.


  • Easy to use
  • Convenient are they aye mobile devices friendly
  • No need of technical know-how.
  • Free and open for everyone to use.
  • Powers millions of contents with no hitch.


  • Tiresome to be managed by one personnel


Marketing is all about attracting and luring prospects to purchase products and services. With a wide variety of products and services with the same functions, you would not want to be left out or ignored by the prospect. With so much competition, you have to up your game. You have to ensure that the keywords you use to attract your target audience. Gladly, BuzzSumo does exactly that for you. A simple mistake of using unfamiliar terms or words that do not closely relate to your contents will automatically lose your audience.

Without BuzzSumo, content marketing and Search Engine Optimization will be complex. For you to understand this more, the software can show the most successful contents in the market, on its influences. It is the best in evaluating the success of content in the organization. This is because you can find the most shared content and keywords related to your business that gets more attention among the audience.

With this said, you can get ideas on what is trending and the words you can use to acquire more attention and beat your competitors.


  • Ease of use
  • Immediate results
  • Visually simple and compelling
  • No need to be tech-savvy


  • Drains creativity

Google Analytics

It is essential to monitor how the activities in your company are running. It is therefore of great importance to get the customers’ view of the company and the content it presents. In this concern, it will be easy to measure the success of the marketing campaigns.

To elaborate this, you need website analytics to enable you to note down the number of visits to your website, type of visitors and the contents viewed. You will also be able to analyze how the content was analyzed and navigated by each visitor.

Having this done, you are in a position to know what draws the attention of your customers. Their needs and desires will give you a direction on what to present to your customers, depending on various geographical locations in which they are found.

With Google analytics, you can know if your inbound marketing is making progress. This will enable you to analyze if you need to pull up your socks to up your game, or whether the marketing is doing just fine as expected.


  • Holistic view of the inbound progress
  • Appropriate for any business
  • Efficient in keeping track activities
  • Accurate results



  • Needs you to be tech savvy


To run the social media, you will need Hootsuite platform. This tool enables you to manage social media platforms easily by providing network integration. The various social media supported by the tool includes Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube among other platforms.

This social media management system gives you an opening to see what people are commenting on the type of content they have received from your company.  You are also in a position to give instant responses and maintain consistent communication with your customers. Besides, what appeals most about Hootsuite is its ability to simplify tasks. It works together as a team, hence there is no need to employ various numbers of people to manage the given social media platforms.

If you want to reach many audiences urgently, you can send one message to various social media platforms and keep on tracking for feedback. This is more significant especially in instances where you need fast responses from the target audience. This tool enables you to reach as many people as possible hence creating a sense of authority in the market.


  • Enables monitoring of multiple channels
  • Supported by all modern browsers
  • Enhances security as one personnel can manage it
  • Supports integration of more than one channel
  • Saves time
  • Gives schedule reports for free through email



  • Expensive
  • Not effective for platforms such as Facebook as posts will reach fewer people


For email creation and contact management to be done, you need this tool. MailChimp has made email marketing so easy and efficient. The ease to use the software is depicted by the ready-made and simple templates. You can modify the templates to designs of your choice.

This inbound marketing tool prides itself in the ability to reach and keep in touch with more prospects. This is evident from the system that allows the management and adding new contacts hence reaching more prospects. With this in mind, the software is convenient for regular use as you can reach your prospects any time you wish.

What fascinates more about this software is that you can use it to track your analytics. This enables you to know how the addressees find your contents, interact and most importantly comment on each particular newsletter. More so, the software is easy to use as you can modify the templates given to suit your needs.


  • You can use your email templates
  • Multiple integration
  • Easy to track analytics
  • Convenient for regular basis


  • Complex interface
  • MailChimp can suspend or cancel your account without notice
  • No phone support


If you are using HubSpot, Wistia is a great tool too that goes along with. Wistia is used to hosts videos on the internet. This software has a set of tools that measures the effectiveness of the videos online. These tools are used in in-depth analytics of video.

When it comes to video analytics, the software can show how many visitors or leads have accessed the video. Also, it enables you to know the most watched video. What people might not know is that users of the internet may watch certain promotional videos but no not finish watching the whole clip.

Others will just click on it and not concentrate on watching it. On top of this, there are those users who would watch the same video over and over again. Most significantly, there are new visitors that watch the videos for the first time. As challenging as it may sound to analyze all this viewership, Wistia does it for you. Simply and effectively, the software enables you to track all the viewership and sharing of the videos you post.

Besides its ability to show the marketing progress, this software enables sharing to other social platforms like Facebook and Twitter. This makes it convenient to use at all times.


  • No interruptions of advertisements
  • Provides in-depth analytics of videos
  • Convenient to use
  • Allows integration of platforms such as Twitter and Facebook


  • Expensive to maintain
  • Complex to use


For inbound marketing to prosper, customer relations management should be considered. SalesForce is one of the widely recognized tools for the benefits and extensive resources it provides for its users. First of all, it depicts a very easy interface that even those who are not tech savvy can use it to its maximum potential. This makes it convenient for everyone to use, which is a great benefit for the business.

The most outstanding factor about this tool is its functionality. It allows integration of various platforms which makes it convenient to attend to customers widely. The customer service that customers get is top notch. SalesForce is reliable because it can be used to keep track of interactions with client and prospects for easy future retrieval and use. Besides, customers feel secure to use it because of the assurance of data security and protection; hence information is neither lost nor compromised.

SalesForce allows you to measure the success of your new marketing. This is aided by the collection of reports, statistics, and information on analytics it provides. Hence, you can use the information to analyze the success of the inbound marketing. This software will enable you to provide customer service to your customers in the most effective and safest way ever.


  • Simple user interface
  • No need to be tech-savvy
  • Can be used in mobile devices
  • Can be used with any browser
  • Flexibility- can be accessed anywhere anytime.


  • Limited marketing management function
  • Hinders creativity due to simplicity and automation of software


Things to Consider Before Using Any Inbound Marketing Tool

Before purchasing or using an inbound marketing tool in your firm, there are some things that you must put into consideration. You do not want to purchase a tool that will be hectic to use right?

A tool that will run you bankrupt or be a source of demoralization to your workers. With this clue, the following are detailed considerations you must take in place to ensure that you have the right tool;

  • Competence of Workers

Before considering purchasing any inbound marketing tool, you must ensure that your workers are competent enough to use the software comfortably. Some software may need the workers to be tech savvy.

You may want to do an induction to those who are not familiar with the tools employed in the office. The heads of the organization should always keep in mind that complex tools that workers do not understand how to use them might not yield the expected results.

The workers might end up frustrated and unmotivated to work hence causing low productivity at work.

  • Nature of Marketing Needs

For you to choose the best tool for your business, you should consider what you want to do. The type of tasks you desire to perform will reflect the kind of tool you will employ.

Some tools will offer total content management; others will offer lead management alone. You might also find tools that offer full integration of various social media platforms in one interface while others do not offer the same benefit.

Therefore, considering what you want to focus on, if leads, acquisition or content, you will have to choose a tool accordingly.

  • Functionality

For you to narrow down your decision for the best inbound marketing tool, you ought to consider what the tool will do for you. Some tools come with plugins, themes, and widgets that may be essential for the performing of the functions you want. This will lead you to look at the tool’s features to come out with what you expect the tool to provide.

You should always remember that various tools have various functions hence contain various features. Some of the features that the tools might provide include; form tools, survey tools, email distribution features and landing page management among others.

  • Efficiency

You would not want software that gives you results at a very slow pace right? Then probably you would have chosen a different way to do your marketing. The best content management software should be able to yield results in no time. By this, I mean efficiency in its functionality. The tool should be easy and flexible to use, enough to let you post your content to the target audience in no time.

The software should not only manage to spread the content to a wider coverage of the audience but should also be able to track down all leads and comments from the audience and new visitors for ease of responding to their needs.

  • Budget

As a business person, I know you would not want to drain your bank dry just for a marketing tool. Who does that? For the sake of others, I am going to tell you that budget is so significant when it comes to purchasing a tool.

The tool should be affordable enough not to run you bankrupt. The good news is, some of the inbound marketing tools are free to use. Others may want you to pay a monthly subscription. Besides that, some software may require purchase once and works the entire time perfectly with no hitches.

Considering your marketing needs and the functionality of the tool, you ought to find one that will be affordable enough to function with no hitches and interruptions.

  • Maintenance

You may purchase a tool that needs constant maintenance such as constant upgrades. Other tools may want you to give monthly subscription fee to the manufacturers. These tools are like cars. You buy them, but you will constantly need to service them.

Therefore, considering a tool that is easy to maintain will be a huge deal to your company. At least you will be sure of dependable work without failure.  An easy to maintain tool will not only be good for your pockets, but also for the efficient running of tasks given.


I would tell you one thing for free; you need inbound marketing tools for your business to flourish. Let your customers find your site credible. Let your content and website designs arouse your customers’ curiosity to view more of what you offer.

Convert your visitors and prospects to leads and possible clients today. Significantly, be able to manage and measure the success of inbound marketing in your business in a simple manner. I totally recommend the above tools that will make your life easier.

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